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How I Made Over my Pantry for $45.04

I can not believe it is reveal week!!  I am so excited to show you how my pantry looks now and walk you through exactly how I completed this look.

Pantry Reveal-11

First lets take a look back at how it was before I got started.  I still can not believe I shared this picture all over social media.  But to see how amazing it looks now I don’t mind sharing it.

Pantry Before-3

I struggled through paint colors a little bit and finally decided to settle on the color we are working on painting all the rest of the house.  Since we already had the paint on hand it really helped our budget, although we did have to purchase a few painting supplies and some stain for the shelves which totaled $16.16.

Pantry Week 3-2

Then last week I added a wall art that cost me $0.86!!!  I also shared a free cut file with you.

Pantry Wall Art-2

So lets see what else has happened!!  I did a lot of “shopping my house”.  You see during Christmas we learned I have FIVE totes FULL of storage boxes.  I promised my husband I will get rid of the ones I don’t use and NOT put them back in storage.  If you are local and need stuff for organizing let me know.  Lets of this stuff is going to be going to the trash.  My youngest daughter and I went through all the totes to see what boxes I had that matched and I liked in the pantry.  I found these cute turquoise fabric boxes and since its the same color as the turquoise in the laundry room I decided to use them.

Pantry Reveal-7

During the process of figuring out how I was going to organize the pantry I started by pulling everything out.  Looking to see what I didn’t want to go back in the pantry and what had to go back in.  I actually pre-planned how I was going to organize the shelves before I even decided on a paint color for the walls.

The scale and food warming racks I knew right off I wanted them on the back wall because they basically took up the whole shelf except for the corner area.  On the bottom shelf I decided to put my sugar and we picked up this wire basket for it at Target from the Dollar Aisle.  Originally I wanted a different color but when we shopped around this basket was the best price.  I talked about if I didn’t like the color I could spray paint it a different color for cheaper than getting a black basket would be., but I decided I like it the color it is.  Also I put Adam’s kombucha on the bottom shelf, which is what you see in the glass jars.

Pantry Reveal-3

I told Adam to bring me home some boxes to fit on the shelves, and he brought me home one that was a PREFECT!!  I told him and he told me “oh I have those all the time”.  So I told him I wanted three of them.  I went back and forth about how I was going to cover these boxes.  I knew what was going in them before I even knew how I was going to decorate them.  At first I was going to cover them with wrapping paper, but I knew with the kids getting in and out of them that would mess up quickly.  I did a poll on Friday about which color to paint them and I ended up deciding to go with chalkboard paint because I had plenty of it on hand.  With the turquoise I was going to have to purchase some more paint so for budget reasons I went with the chalkboard paint.  Then I used a white chalkboard marker that my oldest daughter has and hand lettered the wording on each box.  Making this part cost ZERO!!!  The bottom box has plastic cups in it that the children get into almost everyday.  The middle box has paper goods (napkins and paper towels) in it and a plastic box from my totes of boxes which holds all our plastic bags.  The top box has extra in it.  Stuff that we need but not that often.

Pantry Reveal-8

After putting the cardboard boxes on the shelves I knew exactly where I wanted the fabric boxes.  I did pick up some labels at Target for them so the children easily know what is in each box.  The bottom box has more plastic cups in it.  The middle box has extra condiments in it.  The top box has glass jars in it.

Pantry Reveal-5

Finally I had the corner area to decorate.  I decided to pick items that were the prefect fit for that corner area.  The bottom shelf has the plastic cake holder.  The middle shelf has extra cake baking pans.  The top shelf has the ice cream maker.

Pantry Reveal-4

I knew right off the deep freeze had to go back in the pantry and I wanted it on the back wall instead of the side.  I also knew I wanted the dog food in the pantry instead of under the kitchen table.  Adam measured for me and we knew the dog food box would fit perfectly beside the deep freezer.

Pantry Reveal-6

Also I knew the potatoes had to go back in the pantry and I knew I wanted them in some type of wooden crate.  Originally I told Adam I wanted him to build me one out of pallet wood, but then we were walking through Target and he saw this cute wooden crate that was exactly what I wanted and we decided for the price it was better than trying to DIY it.  We used the same stain as what we used for the shelves to stain it.

Pantry Reveal-2

One thing I love to use is command strips.  I picked up this command hook at Target and attached it to the door to hang Adam’s aprons on.

Pantry Reveal-1

I am so pleased with how I pantry looks.  Now I want to repaint the laundry room.  Maybe I will do that before the next $100 Room Challenge.  Lets review my budget:


  • WEEK 1:  $0.00
  • WEEK 2:  $0.00
  • WEEK 3:  $16.16
  • WEEK 4:  $0.86
  • Wire Basket: $5.00
  • Labels:  $3.99
  • Wooden Crate:  $13.99
  • Command Hook:  $2.49
  • Taxes:  $2.55

TOTAL:  $45.04

I am so proud of myself and turning this:

Pantry Before-3

into this:

Pantry Reveal-9

for only $45.04!!  Check out everyone else’s reveal below.

Need to catch up or look ahead??

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24 thoughts on “How I Made Over my Pantry for $45.04”

    1. Thanks!! Yes, you do!! My husband started it at the end of last year. He drinks it everyday. I wish I could get on board with drinking but I hate the smell and taste.


  1. Very cute and so practical! Have you thought of painting the shelf brackets the same color as the wall? It would make them recede visually. Nice job- enjoy the fruits of your labors!

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  2. It looks so great! Everything. Looks so fresh and clean and organized! I’m sure it makes you smile every time you walk in! I liove how resourceful you were to paint he boxes! Such a super idea and they look so great!! Your handwriting on them is so pretty!!


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